A Confidential 360 degree feedback on the CEO

The foundation stones of leadership *

Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeither agree nor disagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
The CEO is a well rounded person, having handled any personal traits that might cause upset to staff and management?
The CEO exhibits a “ Love for the Common Man ” .
The CEO is a good host .
The CEO demonstrates humility .
The CEO demonstrates integrity .
The CEO communicates openly with the staff.
The CEO helps ensure clear and effective reporting to other leaders.
The CEO runs meetings that are purposeful.
The CEO is persuasive and compelling when communicating her vision.
The CEO works actively to develop a “ positive ”culture in the organization.
The CEO can motivate employees from diverse, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.
The CEO maintains an “ open door ”and keeps staff informed .
The CEO is seen by staff on a regular basis e.g. on walkabout .

The focus areas of leadership *

Strong DisagreeDisagreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
The CEO is cool headed in a crisis
The CEO is flexible with their tactics in a crisis
The CEO can maintain a sense of humor when all looks lost .
The CEO gives recognition freely.
The CEO can and does abandon initiatives if they are not working.
The CEO invests their time in the recruitment process .
The CEO has an abundance of positive energy .
The CEO is known for their “ never give up ”attitude .
The CEO promotes the celebration of success in the organization.
The CEO is young at heart .
The CEO develops and maintains relationships with key stakeholders, key suppliers, and major customers.
The CEO is a good “ reader ”of people understanding what makes them “ tick ” .
The CEO seldom has emotional outbursts.
The CEO invests time in understanding the future for the organization.
The CEO plans carefully ensuring all bases are covered.
The CEO ensures that all projects are provisioned adequately thus giving them the best chance of success.
The CEO demonstrates a commitment to “ continuous learning ”
The CEO gets behind innovation and champions it in the organization.
The CEO initiates change, and is able to address resistance to change.
The CEO is good at “ fi nishing what she starts ”
The CEO creates opportunities to grow and develop staff .
The CEO demonstrates a commitment to empowering staff .
The CEO demonstrates empathy with staff.
The CEO would never place results ahead of staff welfare and safety.
The CEO cares about the staff ’s fitness and health .
The CEO has communicated the Mission, Values, Vision, and Strategy clearly .
0. The CEO inspires the senior management team members and staff to share in a vision and to commit to the project or task.

What do you consider to be the three main strengths that the CEO brings to his work? *

What do you consider are three main areas for the CEO to develop? *

In what ways could the CEO work better with you, which you have not already mentioned? *